The Team

Will Hawkins

Having gone to school for photography and film, Will somehow ended up landing a nice career in the high tech world. However, he has always kept film and photography by his side as more of a hobby. Now some 12 years later Will finds myself creating films that are as good if not better than projects he sees on TV and video. He has spent too many years watching videos, films and documentaries thinking to himself “I could have done that better”. So watch no more, he now creates.

When looking at what most video production companies offered for their services, it seemed to him that most of the production houses were priced very high, placing them out of reach for most of the general public and small businesses. Will thought “what if there was a production house that could offer people and small businesses professional high quality productions at prices they could afford”.

Lynda Meeks

Lynda became a helicopter pilot only because someone told her it was the “hardest job to get” in the military. Never one to back down from a challenge, Lynda went on to get a fixed wing transition from the Army and was able to fly courtesy of Uncle Sam around a good part of the world. After completing her military commitment, she began flying for a commercial airline. She went on to fly jets at two different fractional airlines where she met her true love, the Citation X.

The downturn in the economy has forced her to find her place as a flight instructor near home in Medina, OH, where she lives to share the joy of flying with others. It also allows her to work on her nonprofit organization, Girls With Wings, Inc., using women in aviation as role models to inspire girls to achieve their full potential. Through presentations to girls’ groups, an interactive website, and a flight training scholarship program, she hopes to spread her message that “Girls need Flight Plans, not Fairy Tales!”™

Michelle Kole

Michelle is a psychologist and flight instructor from Manhattan Beach, California. She has about 475 hours of total flight time and usually flies Cessna training aircraft and Beech Bonanzas. She earned her private pilot certificate in 2000 and has been expanding her capabilities since then.

A recent graduate of Acro Camp, Michelle is now hooked on aerobatic flying. Her passion for acro is so intense, in fact, that she recently took delivery of her very own brand new American Champion Super Decathlon.

David Allen

Labeled “The most underutilized guy in aviation social media”, David has been involved with aviation nearly all of his life. His father a private pilot, David was introduced to flying at an early age, and the drive to be around airplanes and all things aerospace has never left him.

Not having found the magic set of circumstances that would allow him to train for and obtain a private pilot’s license, David has found many ways to stay plugged into aviation. David made a decision to bring people along for the ride whenever he could. Any time David attends an aviation- or aerospace-related event, he makes a commitment to bring his friends and followers “into the cockpit” with him, allowing others to live the event vicariously through his Tweets, videos, photos, and other social media. David takes great joy and pride in engaging his audience on a personal level.