PFP # 54 Monika Petrillo & Flyabout

by David on December 27, 2009

This week we welcome Monika Petrillo into the virtual hangar. Monika is a private pilot living in Los Angelas, CA. After getting her private pilot’s license, Monika ventured out on a trip to fly all the way around the continent of Australia. With her family in tow, including her father who had also just gotten his private ticket, Monika chronicled the entire adventure. Several years later, Monika released her self-produced documentary film Flyabout.

Monika talks about the motivation to get her private pilot’s license, how her father reacted to the news, and how they decided to take on such a wild adventure together. Will and David introduce a new segment into the show that they call the Dream Hangar, where we talk about which three airplanes we would want in our Dream Hangar. Finally, we wrap up with some ATC: The Aviation Trivia Challenge.

As always, we’d like to thank Steve Tupper and Scott Cannizzaro for providing the music for this podcast. If you’d like to reach any of us, please feel free to follow us on Twitter or drop us an email. All of our contact info, including Monika’s, is at the bottom of the show notes.


  • Low time pilot? – You can still take an adventure
  • Getting started with flying
  • Talking to the camera
  • Making a documentary
  • After the film

Dream Hangar:

ATC: The Aviation Trivia Challenge
  • Question 1: What does VASI stand for?
  • Question 2: A cloud that produces precipitation is called what?
  • Question 3: What aircraft held the record for being the fastest and highest flying manned jet aircraft throughout its entire career?
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